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Posted 5 days ago on March 18th 2017 by duk3luk3

We fixed a small regression in 0.12.4 (“User aliases” link stopped working) and pushed the update as final update now.

Sadly in version 0.12.2 the FAF Lobby Updater is broken.

Please install the update directly from Github: Github Releases

– Duke

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Posted 5 days ago on March 18th 2017 by Exotic_Retard

Next friday (march 24th) there will be THE TOURNAMENT.

8 teams, 16 players. Each team must have under 2500 summary rating (we’re looking at Global rating).

Check out the forum thread for rules and more information:

The tournam

Posted 7 days ago on March 16th 2017 by Gorton

It’s time to prove what clan can not only succeed as warriors in aeolus or in custom lobbies but also against their competition; their fellow clans. Prove not only your own capability as a commander but also your ability to adapt strategies alongside friends and allies across a varied spectrum of

Posted 8 days ago on March 15th 2017 by jaggedappliance

Beta patch 3678 is released, click on FAF Beta in the play tab to play it. Patchnotes can be found here:

Please note that this is a beta, all changes are subject to possible removal or alteration. Leave your feedback here:

Posted 9 days ago on March 14th 2017 by Exotic_Retard

Recently, the Council of Setons has approved the Equilibrium balance mod to become ranked! Your rating will change as a result of playing it as long as all the other settings are suitable for a ranked game.


This may sound concerning, but the reason it got approval is because it was decide

Posted 10 days ago on March 13th 2017 by Downlord

The server has been updated to v0.6.1.

Normally I wouldn’t include the API or database changelog, however, since the server changes aren’t very impressing I’d like to show you that more than just those two fixes have been done.



  • Fixed issue #197 “People can&

Posted 13 days ago on March 11th 2017 by duk3luk3

Hello FAF,

0.12.3 had a few bugs so it was never released as final update. We fixed those bugs and some other things to bring you 0.12.4:

  • Fix irc/notification recursion loop (#638, #641)
  • Fix movie file crc calculations (#640, #642)
  • Make Github updater see prereleases (#643, #645)
  • Fix null byte be

Posted 19 days ago on March 4th 2017 by duk3luk3

Balance patch 3676 is released. Patchnotes can be found here.
The focus of this patch was to work on the hp changes introduced in the previous balance patch. We are adding another tier of hps for the Seraphim, between UEF and Aeon. This is to give them a nice buff and also increase the diversity be

Posted 21 days ago on March 2nd 2017 by Exotic_Retard

The featured mod ‘Nomads’ is working again! It adds a completely new faction to the game with a unique background and abilities. Orbital artillery, folding transports, underwater mobile missile launcher and intelligence drones… all that and many more assets like these are in the

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