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Posted 7 years ago on August 27th 2013 by Ze PilOt

Thanks to johnie102 (, FAF has now a mod vault.

This is an alpha version.

These functions should work:

  • Listing sim mods used in the “find games”.
  • Auto-downloading sim mods when joining (if they are in the vault).
  • Uploadi

Posted 7 years ago on August 20th 2013 by Ze PilOt

A galactic War update :

  • You can now offer unit reinforcements to someone of your faction.
  • New players start with 0 credits.
  • Attacks are free at rank 0 (the starting one).
  • Attacks cost more as your rank is higher (rank * 100).
  • You can only attack a single planet at once.
  • Second in command is remove

Posted 7 years ago on August 18th 2013 by Ze PilOt

Changelog :

  • Multi-threaded map preview download.
  • Galactic War replays can now be played correctly.

Multi-threaded map preview download

Before this update, a newly installed client or a client with a cleared cache (options – Clear – Cache) was experiencing a major slowdown/lockup in th

Posted 7 years ago on August 15th 2013 by Ze PilOt

This version include some improvements for the chat :

  • When an user disconnects, it doesn’t blink private messages anymore.
  • Join/Quit messages are now displayed in black for more readability.
  • Custom colors for users is now supported.
  • Not directly related to the lobby, but some units in Blacko

Posted 7 years ago on August 11th 2013 by Ze PilOt

Change log :Leia_and_Jabba_Ship

  • Replay vault is faster and doesn’t slow down the main server anymore, leaving room for more features.
  • The client is now using a proper http header when downloading files.
  • Fixed a bug where you see yourself with a sword (“in game lobby”) while you are not (was a local

Posted 7 years ago on August 10th 2013 by Ze PilOt

This patch is a graphic enhancement patch only.

It introduce a better handling of the debris during explosions :


It is also disabling bloom in all fidelity presets (bloom hide most of the nice particle effects, it may be reworked later).

Posted 7 years ago on July 30th 2013 by Ze PilOt

Forged Alliance Forever was out of beta/released officially a year ago.

On that occasion, a launch event took place, organized and hosted by Gowerly, The Big One and Ze_PilOt.

A big launch tournament was organized, and some guests were invited :

  • LiquidTLO (TheLittleOne) : A  former FA top player,

Posted 7 years ago on July 29th 2013 by Ze PilOt

The league season 4 has started !justiceLeague

The ladder is as followed (given by the winners of the last season) :

  • 8 – Badlands_v4
  • loki
  • TAG_Craftious Maximus
  • TAG_Voi_Vittu
  • Twin Rivers
  • Setons Lite
  • Forbidden Pass
  • Seraphim Glaciers
  • Theta Passage
  • Fields of Isis
  • Canis River
  • Syrtis Major
  • Sentry Point
  • Roanoke

Posted 7 years ago on July 25th 2013 by Ze PilOt

The league season 3 has ended (a little late because of the big patch), and here are the winners !

The winners won a League Season 3 Champion avatar (gold, silver and bronze) for life !

They also won the possibility to choose the map pool for the next season !

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