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Posted 7 years ago on January 22nd 2013 by Ze PilOt

Thanks all of you for your participation. These data are very important for us, and here is a resume of  this survey.

First, thank you for your participation, you were 593 to fill the survey !

So, let’s begin …

The “how do I know FAF” PDF


Forged Alliance and Forged A

Posted 7 years ago on January 21st 2013 by Ze PilOt

At the same time I’ve wrote the news about GPG, I’ve sent an email to Chris Taylor saying that he could count on us for supporting him.

I’ve got an answer today. I will keep it private, but he wants you to know some stuff about Wildman.

I hope that everyone knows that my intention

Posted 7 years ago on January 20th 2013 by Ze PilOt


As you are probably aware, GPG is on the brink of closing if their kickstarter does not succeed.


Maybe it’s not your favorite kind of game, but it’s actually pretty unique a

Posted 7 years ago on January 16th 2013 by Ze PilOt

There are two way of  creating the map.

The first solution is to do it manually. It works, but every little change (adding a planet, moving some others) can rapidly be tiresome.

The second, and only viable option, is to create it procedurally.

That doesn’t mean it will be random. The goal is

Posted 7 years ago on January 14th 2013 by Ze PilOt

We want your opinion about the current state of FAF to make it even better in the future.

To do so, please take some time to answer this survey !

Posted 7 years ago on January 13th 2013 by Ze PilOt

A “Hello world” program is a computer program that outputs “Hello, world” on a display device.

Because it is typically one of the simplest programs possible in most programming languages, it is by tradition often used to illustrate to beginners the most basic syntax of a pro

Posted 7 years ago on January 12th 2013 by Ze PilOt

We are currently transitioning to the new server. If you read this, you are currently using it.
That server is prepared to run Galactic War ( Don’t forget to help us !! The deadline is near, and we still need some money to make it happen !)

If you have any problem, please report on the forum.


Posted 7 years ago on January 4th 2013 by Ze PilOt

  • In the last 3 days, donations were impossible because of a paypal problem. This is now fixed and you can donate again.
  • You don’t need a paypal account to donate : It goes through paypal, but you don’t need to create an account. :

Posted 7 years ago on January 4th 2013 by Ze PilOt

New featured mods are available !

Supreme Destruction

Prepare for a Supreme Destruction upgrade for Forged Alliance. This mod adds custom units, as well as tweaks the existing ones, it will change the experience of Supreme Commander: Forged Alliance. The mod is updated regularly, with tweaks and ba

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