Legends of the Stars 2021!
LoTS 2021

It’s that time again! The biggest tournament of the year is upon us! Top 16 players of the year will meet and decide who is the best of the best, will Nexus keep his crown or will Blackheart take his revenge? Maybe Tagada will rise to the top? Or will Espiranto surprise all of us?

Legend of the Stars Players Announced

The players are invited, qualified, group stage set. Head over to the forum post about LOTS to get all the details!

AI Highlight: RNGAI

A refreshing AI made by Relent0r. Requires the Uveso AI. Works best on maps that are 10×10. You can download them both in the vault and enable them in game.

Willow Cast: Absolute Chaos!

Willow casts a 7 vs. 7 match on a generated map. Take a look!

Gyle Cast: ZLO Vs BlInChlk

Gyle casts a ladder match between ZLO and BlInChlk. Check it out!

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Rowey has recreated our FAF Twitter account. Please follow it and unfollow the old one.

FAF Discord Server Reaches Level 3

Last week we hit level 2 and got 1080p60 streaming. This week we hit level 3! 100MB file uploads and more are now available to use.


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