Tagada the new Balance Lead

We would like to welcome Tagada as FAF new Balance Team lead. We’re looking forward to seeing what changes he will bring to the evolving balance going forward, taking over the position from JaggedAppliance.

Supcom FA Steam Sale

Supcom FA is currently on sale on steam till the 31st May. The time is now to get a copy for a friend and get them playing FAF!

Weekly Discussion #2

Weekly discussions are something Deribus plan to run as a fun, low-intensity way for the community to get together and share their thoughts.

The Bitter End!

Willow Treats us to a High Ranked Ladder action with the current #1 ladder player Tex vs Swkoll on The Ditch – FAF Version

AcidCast- Mapgen Strikes Again

Acidvash supply’s us with some more MapGen Content with an average ranked group of player in this 5v5


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