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Posted 9 years ago on October 12th 2011 by Ze PilOt

If you can’t reach the server, you can manually update this file :

[important]place it in

C:\Forged Alliance Forever - Lobby

NOT in your game directory  ![/important]

[warning]It seems that some browsers rename the file after th

Posted 9 years ago on October 10th 2011 by Ze PilOt

We are now using the new server.

If you have any trouble connecting to FAF, try to download this file and replace it in your install folder :

Posted 9 years ago on October 9th 2011 by Ze PilOt

I’m moving FAF on our new server this week (10/10).

Then :

– will open, with a brand new homepage for FA Forever.

– I’m currently updating the Updater :)
Would be easier to update FA and FAF, less errors too, and lighter updates.
This will also allow easy updat

Posted 9 years ago on October 9th 2011 by Ze PilOt

We are proud to announce the opening of Forged Alliance Forever Website !

You will find any information related to Forged Alliance Forever here.

Posted 21 years ago on June 1st 2000 by Anihilnine

Together with the newshub the new client version comes with the latest development advances.

The most obvious change are probably the new colors. Important buttons are now also colored to help you find the important things quickly. We also highlighted the currently active tab, so you can see a

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