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Posted 2 days ago on January 26th 2020 by Brutus5000

The next server update is planned for tommorow morning (around 8-10am CET).

Notable changes for you: the return of the country flags and some rating calculation fixes. Stay tuned!

— Brutus5000

Posted 7 days ago on January 21st 2020 by Wise Old Dog

Happy belated New Years to everyone! This edition was delayed some, but we do have a few maps here to show for this package! If you have a map that would be great to show off, contact Ze Dogfather to have added to the next bundle.

ADAPTIVE SKADI 20x20km by svenni_badbwoi

Zordam Xolix 5x

Posted 10 days ago on January 18th 2020 by Exotic_Retard

Hello everyone,

A couple of weeks ago we mentioned what Nomads in 2020 would look like, and we think its important reading. If you havent done it yet, read it now. This week we are going to be talking about some concept designs, and show you a little example of things not going to plan.

As a

Posted 12 days ago on January 16th 2020 by Brutus5000

Today’s server migration went almost perfectly smooth. It took a bit longer than expected (~2 hours 30 minutes), but we made it. All services are up and running without any known issues except for missing flags. The missing flags are a coincidence and would be broken on the old server as wel

Posted 14 days ago on January 14th 2020 by Brutus5000

Hi guys,

the new scheduled date for the server migration is Thursday (16.01.) with a planned start of 21:00 CET +/- 30 minutes.

As stated in the last news, we expect it to take roundabout 2 hours. Depending on your DNS provider it might take longer until you will be directed to the new ip ad

Posted 15 days ago on January 13th 2020 by Brutus5000

As most of you have noticed, there was no downtime yesterday. The planned migration blew up due to organisational issues with the DNS setup for our domain.

These problems have been resolved over night, but we have not agreed on a new date yet. Maybe we will do it on short notice.

Thanks for

Posted 18 days ago on January 10th 2020 by Brutus5000

Hello everyone,

we have planned to perform the server migration on this Sunday. If everything works as planned (which is usually does not), we will have a downtime between one and two hours. The time is not yet defined and will be defined by personal availability of the required people.


Posted 23 days ago on January 5th 2020 by Brutus5000

Hello everybody,

in the last two days I received a lot of complaints about the client being broken which was due to the fact the client version was not the latest version.

We spend a lot of time fixing bugs, so I’d like to advise everyone to update to the latest client version before r

Posted a month ago on December 19th 2019 by Wise Old Dog

Another packet of maps has just entered the fray! Returning from a long departure away from FAF, biass has returned to show off three new maps for us all to play with.

WILDPATH 10x10km



Creator(s): biass

If you want y

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