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Posted 7 years ago on January 4th 2013 by Ze PilOt

New featured mods are available !

Supreme Destruction

Prepare for a Supreme Destruction upgrade for Forged Alliance. This mod adds custom units, as well as tweaks the existing ones, it will change the experience of Supreme Commander: Forged Alliance. The mod is updated regularly, with tweaks and ba

Posted 7 years ago on October 24th 2012 by Ze PilOt

Week 1 Quick Review

Spoiler alert : You don’t want to watch this if you want to see the casts !
[youtuber youtube=’’]

Kiss My Ass vs Isen and Armmagedon

[youtuber youtube=’

Posted 8 years ago on October 18th 2011 by Ze PilOt

ZLO_RD just won the last tournament !

Lu_Xun_17 and uberge3k, even with the tie-breaker, are tied for the second position, while Koecher barely made third place against Toejams, voodoo and pavese after a fourth round on Aqua World.

Complete results are available here.

Thanks to all the participants

Posted 8 years ago on October 14th 2011 by Ze PilOt

[important]24.10.2011 ![/important]

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