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Posted 3 years ago on December 23rd 2017 by Brutus5000

Christmas is coming upon and as soon as Santa leaves our chimneys, the year is almost over. So our christmas present to you is a wrap up of all of our progress: Time to take a look at what our developers have achieved this year.

With the new year, Downlord started building a new Java API as a proof

Posted 4 years ago on January 27th 2017 by Downlord

Times change and so does FAF. This is a call to all Java developers, who are hiding in the shadows and want to contribute but were not interested in contributing to the current stack of Python code.

We have a huge pile of new emerging Java projects, that look out for new developers and maintainers.

Posted 7 years ago on January 19th 2014 by Ze PilOt

Join channel.

You are now able to join any registered channel from the lobby.

This include Galactic War channels (if you fight for that faction), as well as language channels.

Test Proxy Server

The proxy server was introduced months ago in order to fix the most resilient connections problems.
It se

Posted 7 years ago on January 13th 2014 by Ze PilOt

Most visible change : It comes with a new Galactic map !

The new galactic map
The new galactic map

To accommodate with this new size, several new functions are available on your info panel :

  • Goto planet. Type a planet name to be teleported to it!
  • The biggest the planet, the biggest the map you will play.
  • The overlay d

Posted 7 years ago on December 29th 2013 by Ze PilOt

This update is mostly for Galactic War players.

It solves some UI problems related to GW, as well as better internal functions (for the tournament server), sanity checks (for the proxy server) and code cleaning and libraries updates.

It also remove FreeImage dependencies.
Talking about Galactic War

Posted 7 years ago on December 22nd 2013 by Ze PilOt

Galactic War has a severe memory leak that could lead to severe problem through the whole system (lobby, livereplay, forum, website, …).

It was shutdown until I had time to investigate it.

Galactic War was part of fund-raising made last year, in order to allow me to work on FAF/GW outside my

Posted 8 years ago on August 30th 2013 by Ze PilOt

Change log :


  • FreeImage warning are now ignored. They were causing the annoying, but harmless “Application has stop incorrectly, ….. check faforever.exe.log” errors when the lobby was closing.
  • Incorrectly downloaded images are correctly replaced with the usual placeholder.

Posted 8 years ago on August 20th 2013 by Ze PilOt

A galactic War update :

  • You can now offer unit reinforcements to someone of your faction.
  • New players start with 0 credits.
  • Attacks are free at rank 0 (the starting one).
  • Attacks cost more as your rank is higher (rank * 100).
  • You can only attack a single planet at once.
  • Second in command is remove

Posted 8 years ago on May 9th 2013 by Ze PilOt

This is an update for handling Galactic War Alpha phase.

Fix a bug with proxies :

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