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Posted 4 years ago on August 26th 2016 by Exotic_Retard

It’s time to start testing the BlackOps mod as part of the process for it to become a featured mod!

The functionality should all be there, now its your turn to help out and catch all the bugs, while we work on the client/server support for it.

We’re on the lookout for smaller bugs, typo

Posted 5 years ago on February 28th 2016 by Violet Ania

There are still few things broken with coop missions right now. It’s not possible to host on FAF due to bug after server migration and both coop mod and missions are bit broken. But there is a way around, I’ve put together updated mod and missions, and FAF beta patch that allows to pla

Posted 8 years ago on January 28th 2013 by Ze PilOt

New units :

Supreme destruction

Balance changes :

  • Normalized Mantis and Thaam movement speed to FAF values, as well as turret yaw speed.
  • Changed the Cybran T2 Heavy Tank:
    • HP changed to 555, 10 HP/s regen
    • DPS increased by 2.5x
    • Removed built-in cloaking.
  • Increased

Posted 8 years ago on January 26th 2013 by Ze PilOt

A new version of Nomads is now available.

Over the last weeks we’ve watched countless replays to find bugs and improve balance.

With this update it’s still not perfect but it’s progress in the right direction.
Also some new models were added, though some are without proper texture

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