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Posted 6 days ago on November 29th 2019 by Exotic_Retard

Hello everyone!

So, last week was the release of a nomads patch, so we skipped the dev diary. Likely this is what will happen in the future as well. If there is a nomads release that week, then no diary. Otherwise, we might be doing one of these every friday, so you have something to look forwa

Posted 13 days ago on November 22nd 2019 by Exotic_Retard

Hello everyone, today is the release day for Nomads V 86
This patch contains 81 commits, since the last minor patch 85, and 114 commits since the last major patch of V83 which we announced just a couple of months ago!
Altogether, this means that the nomads mod is twice as active by commit number as

Posted 20 days ago on November 15th 2019 by Exotic_Retard

Hello everyone!

We thought it would be a fantastic idea to summarise the work we did in these dev diaries, so that everyone can keep up to date with the progress, as well as get an idea of the thoughts that go through our heads while we work on the mod. We will be making these posts every one o

Posted 2 years ago on December 22nd 2017 by JJs_AI

3v3 tourney, under 4200 rating combined

Tournament Directors: [SNF]CookieNoob & [SNF]PinkFluffyNoob & Rowey

When? Thursday 28th of December 2017, 14:30 GMT = 15:30 CET*
End of Signups: Approximately 10 minutes before the tourney begins.
IRC channel: TBA
Bracket and Matchups: TBA

If you are

Posted 3 years ago on April 1st 2017 by Downlord

This was a joke! Now that April 1st is over, please take note of real news, like the Easter Tournament!

As many of you have noticed, the March 2017 Server update v0.6.1 made Equilibrium a ranked mod. This has sparked a controversy about the “special treatment” of the mod and the balance of FAF in p

Posted 3 years ago on December 31st 2016 by speed2

I’ve managed to fix LAB Wars and it’s been already updated on the server.

As a featured mod, you can host as you were used to:

Feel free to report any bugs I didn’t catch to the forum:

Keep testing, if every works well you can expect

Posted 3 years ago on October 11th 2016 by Exotic_Retard

IceDreamer has finally finished remaking Black ops! As a result, this tourney will be hosted to promote the mod, and make sure the mod is bug free and complete.

Blackops should be featured again before the tourney takes place, and if not, you can download BlackOps FAF: Unleashed from the mod vault

Posted 3 years ago on August 26th 2016 by Exotic_Retard

It’s time to start testing the BlackOps mod as part of the process for it to become a featured mod!

The functionality should all be there, now its your turn to help out and catch all the bugs, while we work on the client/server support for it.

We’re on the lookout for smaller bugs, typo

Posted 4 years ago on February 28th 2016 by Violet Ania

There are still few things broken with coop missions right now. It’s not possible to host on FAF due to bug after server migration and both coop mod and missions are bit broken. But there is a way around, I’ve put together updated mod and missions, and FAF beta patch that allows to pla

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