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Posted 3 years ago on January 23rd 2017 by OppressiveDuke

Hello FAF,

today between 11am and 2pm GMT we deployed the new IRC server.

The disruption was planned to last only a couple of minutes, but sadly we had some issues getting everything back together.

The IRC server should now be running as usual and, most importantly, the connection limit has been ch

Posted 3 years ago on December 18th 2016 by OppressiveDuke

Download the new Preview from Github.

This is the fourth preview of the next FAF Client release. The version was bumped to 0.12 because of the hotfix to 0.11.60.

This preview fixes problems left in the last preview and continues the modernisation of the FAF Client.

The Changelog is available on Git

Posted 3 years ago on December 18th 2016 by Exotic_Retard

FAF Client Hotfix Release 0.11.64

We have prepared a hotfix release of the FAF Client that fixes the display of the What’s New tab after the website upgrade.

It is ready for testing and can be downloaded and installed now.

Please test this Client version. If it causes problems, you can reve

Posted 3 years ago on November 29th 2016 by Exotic_Retard

After no release for several months, the official FAF Python Client now has a new maintainer (OppressiveDuke / duk3luk3) and a preview release.

Version 0.11.61-pre2 can be downloaded from the github releases page now.

Just download and run the MSI file. If it causes any problem, just reinstall the

Posted 4 years ago on August 24th 2016 by Gorton

Hey all, we’re trying to get a lot more user-feedback features involved with FAF. These will come with time, and first we have an ideas page.


We would like to get your ideas on how Forged Alliance Forever should be improved. Tell us about new features we should consider or how we can improve

Posted 4 years ago on June 28th 2016 by Exotic_Retard

Hello, we have just launched a Discord server for FAF. We are currently testing it out as a replacement for the current mumble servers.

Here is a list of features it offers:

  • Voice communication, obviously
  • Chat channels with a complete history – you can log off and still not miss a thing
  • Prop

Posted 4 years ago on May 2nd 2016 by Gorton

Hey all,

as comes a new patch, also come new bugs features.

Check here to report desync

And this thread for rating bugs


Posted 4 years ago on April 16th 2016 by Violet Ania

There is a beta version of the client in development but we need to fix some bugs in it before it can be released!

Of course you can just download it and use it as normal if you wish. However it is a beta so expect some things not to work!

You can download it here

Remember to report any and all iss

Posted 4 years ago on April 9th 2016 by Violet Ania

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