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Posted 6 years ago on February 25th 2014 by Ze PilOt

I’d like to present to you two new maps our community has received from one of its mappers: Regor VI Highland and Crimson Feud.

Both of these are 4 player, twofold point symmetrical land maps.

The former is 10 square kilometers in size and the latter 5  square kilometers.

Regor VI Highland is primarily intended as a 1v1 map, but allows for 2v2 and also FFA just as well. It features an intricate heightmap, with many different pathways, plateaus and lakes, which allow for a dynamic unit flow. The resource placement gives the players much incentive to play aggressively and to expand quickly.  The many paths there are force players to always stay on guard and watch out for enemy manoeuvres from unexpected directions. Regor VI Highland i

Posted 6 years ago on February 24th 2014 by Ze PilOt


  • Fixing FAF lobby not launching on some configurations.
  • Added a notification center (thanks to DragonFire). Check the options menu!
  • Switching the patching system from bsdiff4 to xdelta3 (patches are heavier in size, but lighter to generate server-side).
  • Clan tags are passed to FA for a fu

Posted 6 years ago on February 19th 2014 by Ze PilOt

– Ping is not displayed anymore unless there is a connection problem or if the ping is above 500ms.

– The CPU meter scale with the number of players into the game (AI included).The bar will be displayed quite differently as before. It will be lower than usual. Doesn’t mean your CP

Posted 6 years ago on February 18th 2014 by Ze PilOt


  • Clan Tag are displayed in the lobby.
  • Fixing (actually bypassing) an issue with matplotlib & fonts on some PC that crashed FAF on startup.
  • Fixing an error with the proxy server.

The clan management Beta is online, you can test it there:

Posted 6 years ago on February 9th 2014 by Ze PilOt


  • The mod vault is showing you the last 100 mods by default.
  • Clicking “Server Search” in the mod vault will send a search request to the server.
  • You can like mods in the mod vault.
  • Number of games played with a mod is displayed in the mod vault.
  • Ratings are now updated once a

Posted 6 years ago on February 7th 2014 by Ze PilOt

Almost any multiplayer game is rating its players.

It’s the case of any Xbox game, or, on PC, any DotA-like or FPS (Battlefield/CoD) or RTS.
The purpose of that rating is to allow the system to propose fair games.

FaF is no exception, but by design, I choose to display as much information as

Posted 6 years ago on February 1st 2014 by Ze PilOt

First, some context:

One of my friend (and his little girl), had some health problems lately. As bad news never come alone, there was a problem with his health care insurance.

The good news is : With the help of all his friends, most of the fees are taken cared off for the moment.
The bad news is t

Posted 6 years ago on February 1st 2014 by Ze PilOt

The patch 3629 is now online.

This is the first release candidate: If you see any problem, please report it as soon as possible in the forums and we will try to fix it.

Replays might break during the release candidate period.


FA Game lobby & Interface

  • Caching interface files to remo

Posted 6 years ago on January 19th 2014 by Ze PilOt

Join channel.

You are now able to join any registered channel from the lobby.

This include Galactic War channels (if you fight for that faction), as well as language channels.

Test Proxy Server

The proxy server was introduced months ago in order to fix the most resilient connections problems.
It se

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