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Posted 6 years ago on May 23rd 2014 by Ze PilOt

Changelog :

  • The matchmaker is abandonned due to community pression.

Posted 6 years ago on May 17th 2014 by Ze PilOt

This version introduce a new version rendered possible by FAF donators. Big thanks to them!

Remember that you can help making new functions and updates possible by donating to FAF (left panel) and put the function you are asking for in the comments.


The matchmaker allows you to play balan

Posted 6 years ago on April 13th 2014 by Ze PilOt


  • Fixed a crash with the notification pop-up (when a map preview wasn’t available).
  • Fixed a crash with non-Unicode characters in chat. (ie. Arabic character set).
  • Changed the layout of the mod vault so titles are correctly displayed.
  • Changed the initial mod vault list (most liked mod

Posted 6 years ago on April 12th 2014 by Ze PilOt


Clan war!

The fourth Intergalactic Colosseum clan war is starting Sunday 13 April!

7 Clans, 7 Weeks, fighting to death on 1vs1, 2vs2 and 3vs3 to determine who is the better clan on FAF!

Be sure to watch the livestreams & casts for the best team action ever!


Posted 6 years ago on March 26th 2014 by Ze PilOt

This is a quick fix release.

  • Fixed Broadsword Damage Per Second (was nerfed by mistake to 33% of the actual value).
  • Fixed a bug where units weren’t damaged when a personal shield was in recharge state.

As usual, if you are playing on FAF, you already have the patch.

Posted 6 years ago on March 4th 2014 by Ze PilOt

A word from Nordic Game :

A word from Total Biscuit (starting at 12 min 27)

[youtuber youtube=’’]

And of course the store page link to forward to all your friends

Posted 6 years ago on March 2nd 2014 by Ze PilOt


  • Tons of little bug fixes in the interface.
  • Key binding panel is more robust now.
  • When binding a hotbuild key, if the shift/alt key combo is already binded, you will get an option to unbind them so hotbuild will be able use them.
  • You can now rotate the templates that are done through hotb

Posted 6 years ago on March 1st 2014 by Ze PilOt

This is a bug fix release.


Exploits & bug fixes

  • Removed dbg_ShowAiPathSpline console command from the game.
    That command was allowing to see units movements under the fog of war, without triggering the “XX has tried to cheat” warning/error.
  • Fixed an exploit were carriers

Posted 6 years ago on February 26th 2014 by Ze PilOt

Saturday 1st March, 18:00 GMT

4th and last faction cup : The King of UEF Tournament!
Who will take the last throne and join the 3 other Kings : Blackheart, CrazedChariot and Blodir?
[youtuber youtube=’′]

Sunday 2st March, 16:00 GMT

If you were n

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