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Posted a year ago on September 22nd 2019 by Louvegarde

The website has just been updated and now displays a live player/game counter on the front page. But most importantly:

The new clan app is here! You can check it out at:

(currently still in testing, be sure to forward any bug or feature request to https://for

Posted a year ago on July 19th 2019 by Louvegarde


Today the server will be restarted for update at 11:00 UTC. We dont expect the downtime to be longer than ten minutes or so.

The highlight of this release is the revamped matchmaking system which includes a new and hopefully improved matchmaking algorithm. To enable the new algorithm, the ma

Posted a year ago on May 13th 2019 by Louvegarde

Hello everyone!

Next monday (20/05/2019) at 11:00 GMT+0 , the server will be shut down for an update. This should not last more than an hour, and service will be resumed as soon as possible.

Here’s the update changelog :

• Ladder games will start correctly even if the host takes longer than 4

Posted a year ago on April 20th 2019 by Louvegarde

Hello everyone,

ICE has been our solution to tackle the recurring connection issues occurring with some players, and to fix disconnects and improve reconnection as we can.

Today, ICE has been deployed on the server. This means that the client you are using is no longer compatible, (it doesn’t

Posted a year ago on April 18th 2019 by Louvegarde

Greetings everyone,

Saturday 20/04/2019 at 13h UTC+0 we will deploy a new version of the server and client that will enable ICE functionality for everyone.

This version has been tested, but not on production scale, and unforeseen bugs or technical problems may occur during the following days. We wi

Posted a year ago on March 3rd 2019 by Louvegarde


There will be a server update/restart on Monday 4/03/19 around 13h GMT+1

This update will bring the following changes to the server :

  • Various code cleanups (internal)
  • The control server now displays some stats about the number of games hosted and players connected
  • The game title, if set to

Posted a year ago on February 21st 2019 by Louvegarde

Hello everyone!

We’ve finally pushed to the website a feature that had been teased a few months earlier : the new report form!

You can access it here :

It will slowly and definitely replace the old one (the google form one), we’re replacing the links

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