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Posted 8 months ago on June 18th 2019 by Gorton

Today marks the release of Patch 3704.


We have prepared an array of changes aimed at introducing some fixes, increasing unit options and improving the interfactional balance.

Two of the major changes include the new and improved scathis, now a game-ender class weapon that can destroy entire

Posted a year ago on December 25th 2018 by Gorton

Hello everyone,

The python server will be updated January 2nd at 10:00 GMT+0, which means the game will be temporarily unavailable. This shouldn’t last more than an hour, and you will be notified via Discord and on the IRC when the server will be back online.

Here is a highlight of the update

Posted a year ago on October 14th 2018 by Gorton

Hey all, we will be using a voting system to allow all of you people to vote on various things.

Right now, laddervote is active where you tell us how you liked the maps that were in ladder! These polls will continue as the map pool changes so we can get your feedback.

Voting Page:

Posted a year ago on September 26th 2018 by Gorton

     LOTS qualifiers to be held soon

                    Go here for more information

  •    There will be four qualifiers and a backup round in the next three months
  •    Followed by the main tournament at the end of the year

Regards, FtXCommando


Posted 3 years ago on March 16th 2017 by Gorton

It’s time to prove what clan can not only succeed as warriors in aeolus or in custom lobbies but also against their competition; their fellow clans. Prove not only your own capability as a commander but also your ability to adapt strategies alongside friends and allies across a varied spectrum of

Posted 3 years ago on November 21st 2016 by Gorton

Hello all,

As the UID check was re-enabled, quite a few issues were caused, and we hope to resolve this:

As of now, all existing links between computers and users have been scrubbed, so that everyone should have no issues logging in – the account that is first used will become the primary acc

Posted 3 years ago on August 24th 2016 by Gorton

Hey all, we’re trying to get a lot more user-feedback features involved with FAF. These will come with time, and first we have an ideas page.


We would like to get your ideas on how Forged Alliance Forever should be improved. Tell us about new features we should consider or how we can improve

Posted 4 years ago on August 3rd 2016 by Gorton

Hey all

Make your thoughts known here

New map pool for August (should get implemented today):
New maps are in bold

Canis River, Sentry point, Moonlight Pass,  Moonlight

Sleipnir, Saltrock Colony, High Noon
Syrtis Major, Eye of the Storm, Open Palms
Forbidden Pass, Desert Planet II

Posted 4 years ago on May 2nd 2016 by Gorton

Hey all,

as comes a new patch, also come new bugs features.

Check here to report desync

And this thread for rating bugs


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