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Posted 2 years ago on January 10th 2020 by Brutus5000

Hello everyone,

we have planned to perform the server migration on this Sunday. If everything works as planned (which is usually does not), we will have a downtime between one and two hours. The time is not yet defined and will be defined by personal availability of the required people.


Posted 2 years ago on January 5th 2020 by Brutus5000

Hello everybody,

in the last two days I received a lot of complaints about the client being broken which was due to the fact the client version was not the latest version.

We spend a lot of time fixing bugs, so I’d like to advise everyone to update to the latest client version before r

Posted 2 years ago on December 19th 2019 by Brutus5000

TL;DR: We will have a large complete downtime at the beginning of January where we move to a new server. The exact date is not defined yet, as it depends on personal availability.

Many of you have encountered issues in the last months due to our server being overloaded when more than 1.000 user

Posted 2 years ago on December 11th 2019 by Brutus5000

Running, maintaining and developing FAF is a time expensive task. The current FAF stack counts more than 30 services that need constant supervision for updates and security fixes.

If you are interested in helping out the current administration team, challenging tasks like the following are wait

Posted 2 years ago on September 20th 2019 by Brutus5000

Hi there,

Some community members asked me what the server update achieved, and I want to give you a small summary about the important stuff:

  1. All server packages to keep up with latest security updates etc. were updated (side note: it include an update of the Docker engine to version 19.03 &#

Posted 2 years ago on September 14th 2019 by Brutus5000

Hello everyone,

we have scheduled the next server maintenance for Friday, the 20th of September from 6-8am UTC (8-10am CEST).

All services will go down for a while. For more information visit our dedicated github page:

— Brutus5000

Posted 2 years ago on August 20th 2019 by Brutus5000

Hello everyone,

as you might have noticed the server has currently massive issues during peak time (somewhere between 18:00 and 22:00 CEST).
Unfortunately, we were not able to locate the root cause for this issue now, so the issue will probably remain for a few days.

We apologize for this.


Posted 2 years ago on July 24th 2019 by Brutus5000

Hi everyone,

on Saturday we will perform some server maintenance. Due to personal constraints, I cannot give an exact time.
As we are performing changes to the replay server, all replays on the running games will break. The games itself will keep running, as the lobby server will not be touched.


Posted 3 years ago on June 20th 2019 by Brutus5000

Hello everybody,

We’d like to inform you that the next server maintenance will happen tomorrow at 08:00 UTC (10 am Paris/Berlin).

Due to a necessary upgrade of the operating system, all services will be offline for a while.

The python server update will bring the following changes :

  • Fixed AP

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