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Posted a year ago on June 7th 2020 by Brutus5000

TL;DR: If you bought a Forged Alliance copy on GOG you can not play on FAF as of now. We are trying to work this out with GOG.

Supreme Commander: Forged Alliance is now available on GOG! Usually this should be a reason for celebration. Unfortunately it’s not. As you may have noticed o

Posted 2 years ago on May 24th 2020 by Brutus5000

Hello everybody,

due to some internal changes to improve account security all pending password reset emails and registration emails of the last 24 hours might be invalid or point to a “404 Not found” website.

If you encounter such problems, please just register again / reset your

Posted 2 years ago on May 2nd 2020 by Brutus5000

Hello everybody,

the next server maintenance will happen next Tuesday, the 5th of May starting 16:00 CEST. We will upgrade our operating system to the latest version, so there will be a complete downtime. The maintenance should not take longer than 2 hours.

The maintenance will be performed

Posted 2 years ago on March 31st 2020 by Brutus5000

Good news! Three days in a row last week we had more than 2.000 users online at peak time!

Remember 5 months ago when the server died almost every weekend when reaching around 1500 players logged in? By now even with 2000 users online, the server still has plenty of resources to hit the 3.000 p

Posted 2 years ago on March 5th 2020 by Brutus5000

Hi there,

the next server maintenance is scheduled for tommorow morning somewhere between 7am – 10am UTC. All services will be down for ~30 minutes as we will restart the whole server.

Planned changes:

  • Potentially fix forum issues due to db restart
  • Release of lobby server v1.3.5 (con

Posted 2 years ago on January 26th 2020 by Brutus5000

The next server update is planned for tommorow morning (around 8-10am CET).

Notable changes for you: the return of the country flags and some rating calculation fixes. Stay tuned!

— Brutus5000

Posted 2 years ago on January 16th 2020 by Brutus5000

Today’s server migration went almost perfectly smooth. It took a bit longer than expected (~2 hours 30 minutes), but we made it. All services are up and running without any known issues except for missing flags. The missing flags are a coincidence and would be broken on the old server as wel

Posted 2 years ago on January 14th 2020 by Brutus5000

Hi guys,

the new scheduled date for the server migration is Thursday (16.01.) with a planned start of 21:00 CET +/- 30 minutes.

As stated in the last news, we expect it to take roundabout 2 hours. Depending on your DNS provider it might take longer until you will be directed to the new ip ad

Posted 2 years ago on January 13th 2020 by Brutus5000

As most of you have noticed, there was no downtime yesterday. The planned migration blew up due to organisational issues with the DNS setup for our domain.

These problems have been resolved over night, but we have not agreed on a new date yet. Maybe we will do it on short notice.

Thanks for

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