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King of Crimson Feud

Posted on February 18th 2019 by Mountain


Most commanders think they have Crimson Feud all figured out. It’s a simple map with just a couple corner expansions, some mexes and some reclaim here and there. Just spam your way to victory, right?

Well, here’s a contest hosted by Rowey to decide which commanders actually have mastery of the map, and which commanders could use a tutorial or two. The winner will be recognized as the UNDISPUTED, UNCHALLENGED KING OF CRIMSON FEUD, and be awarded with the title and avatar. The tournament will be held on March 2nd, 4:30 PM (GMT)

Sign up, and claim the throne as your own. Become the one true King of Crimson Feud. Learn more here:


Keep up to date on the King and Prince of Map tournament series, hosted by Rowey:


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