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2017-10-23 Server Update v0.9.6

Posted on October 23rd 2017 by Downlord

The server has been updated to v0.9.6.

Not much happened in this update since we’ve mainly been busy with the server migration since the last server update.

  • A few changes were made to the database to make its data even more consistent.
  • A small fix was made that prevented the client from removing avatars from users.
  • Changes were made that reduces the work needed for future server updates

Most changes were made in the API:

  • Fixed issue #110 “Challonge API Proxy”
  • Fixed issue #126 “Read deployment configuration for featured mods from DB”
  • Fixed issue #133 “Return coop mission duration as seconds”
  • Fixed issue #134 “Provide BiReUS repository URLs”
  • Fixed issue #135 “Provide division scores”
  • Fixed issue #137 “Achievements route broken”
  • Fixed issue #143 “Missing entity for db table `name_history`”
  • Fixed issue #146 “Pagination issue: page[totals] broken”
  • Fixed issue #149 “API returns HTTPS URLs instead of HTTP”

I’m glad that the update went¬†pretty smooth and quick and as far as I can tell, there haven’t been any problems so far.

– Downlord

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